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About First Diagnostics Laboratories

Experiment with the best rapid test products

We provide POC Rapid Testing for Hospitals, Pharmacies, Urgent Cares & Clinical Environments—laboratory accuracy at the point of care. Now we have unique antigen design technology, proprietary and efficient expression system, antibody library, and sheep monoclonal antibody development technology. The company’s main products are recombinant antigens and antibodies based on genetic engineering technology. Our product categories cover diagnosing antibodies for cardiovascular diseases, tumor markers, inflammations, liver and kidney function, pregnancy, infectious diseases, gastric function, etc.

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Laboratory Results

A Comprehensive Range Of Products and Enabling Technologies For Your Research. We Provide Expertise At Every Level To Craft Science & Technology Solutions.

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Mission Statement

Is leading diagnostic healthcare by serving to enhance the health and well-being of people around the globe through the development of diagnostic solutions that can lead to improved patient outcomes and provide economic benefits to the healthcare system.

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Vision Statement

First Diagnostic is registered in SAM.GOV as a Veteran Owned Small Business - Contractor/Supplier and Participates in the following SBA government programs and accepts Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Direct export sales, Distributor/Importer.

Our Commitment

We expand our product base through development and acquisition with a focus on increasing its research and development efforts to accelerate the rate of new product introductions. Our core competencies and capabilities include immunoassay, monoclonal antibody characterization and development, and molecular assay development.

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Meet Our Team

People behind our success

Jonathan Adam Barash

Founding Director

Lillian Stella

Technical Director

Brett Danielle


Alberto Da Silva

Senior Technician