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inSTIcheck™ Rapid Tests Outstanding performance versus industry standards…

inSTIcheck™ is the brand leader in helping health care professionals with the early identification to the presence of STD infection in patients by providing the highest quality point-of-care (POC) Testing Products to doctors, hospitals & STD clinics for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis…

With over 15 years experience providing high quality assays for Point of Care (POC) settings in hospitals, physician office’s and clinical reference labs. First Diagnostic Corporation is one of the diagnostics partners of choice for healthcare professionals around the world. Our renowned inSTIcheck™ range allows providers to give fast and laboratory accurate results as an aid in patient diagnosis right in their office.

inSTIcheck™ Brand Rapid Tests

  • 85226400030 Chlamydia Rapid Tests
  • 85226400035 Gonorrhea Rapid Tests
  • 85226400105 Syphilis Rapid Tests

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