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Jonathan Adam Barash

Hi, I am Jonathan Adam Barash

Founding Director

Globally recognized from Startup to top 5 in world for specialty rapid test diagnostics – AT First Diagnostic LLC (ATFD) in 2005; $18+ million medical device company specializing in rapid diagnostic medical tests under trademarks Firstvue, inSTIcheck, HomeTest Express, for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Fertility, Infectious Diseases, Drugs of Abuse, Tumor Markers, Urinalysis Reagent Strips and Cardiac Markers. Peer recognized as one of the 100 leader companies in the 2007 POC Industry Report “Global Market for Point of Care Diagnostics” in less than two years after startup.

30 Years Experience CEO Producing & Introducing Consumer Health Products into Distribution.

  • Real world global sourcing, production, purchasing, import/export and country trade knowledge with international suppliers.
  • Sourcing from USA, China, Germany, Singapore , Spain, USA, China, EU and Russia